Things You Need To Know While Hiring Striptease Dancers For Your Party

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If you are having a bucks or a bachelor night with your friends, you need to make sure that you do celebrate to the fullest.
There are so many things grooms’ friends would want to do, such as games, drinks and tons of arrangements when planning for a bucks or a stag night party. However, one thing which every man would want in this party is to hire strippers from Sydney and enjoy some moves and watch some exceptional pole dances.

However, there are a few important points that one will need to keep in mind if they are hiring lingerie waitress or striptease dancers for a party. We have mentioned a few of it below:

Age restrictions

All the guests that you are inviting need to be at least of 18 years. There is no exception that you would be provided here.
Booking or hiring striptease dancers

Though you will definitely be able to manage bookings at the last moment, it is however recommended to book them at least one week before your event day. This way you will be able to hire striptease dancers and waitresses of your choice and do not have to compromise and book someone else.

Location of the event

You can have striptease dancers perform in any private setting, such as in a hotel room, or at someone’s house, banquet room, limo and so forth. They are professional dancers and will even willingly perform at a public location, such as a pub or a bar. If you want them to get nude or are planning for a stripping event, then it would always be better to opt for a private location. Else in most cases, the entertainers are only permitted to strip to a certain level, such as up to the level of lingerie or bikini in the case of females and males cannot strip more than their boxers.


All the entertainers would get nude and you need not pay anything extra for ‘panty drop’. In case you want the entertainers to get completely nude or opt for a striptease show, do ensure that they are pre-informed about it. More so, you also need to ensure that the guest list that you are inviting, too, are comfortable with such a show.


At the beginning of the show, the entertainer or the dancer will get the show-up fee. All of this will cover cost of the agency, the fuel cost and the dancer’s time. Make sure that your guests too also bring along some tip money for the entertainers. They will ensure that the guests have a crazy time and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Before arriving

Though all the entertainers will come properly equipped with the required props and costume as required by the client, you need to ensure from your end that your party is ‘stripper-friendly’. Make sure that they are provided with a changing room which has proper lighting, curtains and mirrors.

Whatever and however you are planning the party, you should ensure that the entertainers are given utmost respect and are not wrongly treated.