The Different Varieties Of Prostitutes

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Prostitution is termed the oldest job in the world, and it is actually a fact! The profession has been in existence ever since humanity first decided to start recording their history. Over the centuries, it has grown in leaps and bounds. Not all prostitutes are the same, just like not all engineers are the same. Over the course of human history, there have been many different types of women offering sexual favors in exchange for monetary or personal gain. Some of these women have been shunned and kicked out of society, while others have reached fame and fortune.

The Ying Chi

These were the first Chinese prostitutes in history. They were camp followers (anyone who watches Spartacus or A Game of Thrones will know). They were recruited to follow in the wake of an Imperial army on the march and keep the troops happy and entertained. Back in the day, the term was an honor, because it meant that the prostitute was “chosen”. They were different to the women offering adult services in Melbourne, especially since most of them were the widows of the fallen Imperial soldiers. 

Temple prostitutes

Another type of woman engaging in adult services was the temple prostitute, popular in the Greek and Roman times. These women did their business inside temples and churches, after having obtained due permission from the priests of course. As such, their services were regarded as the work of the gods. Historians are divided as to their true purpose, with the most common theory being that they were slaves who were being sold for sex in order for the temple to earn money for upgrades. Another theory is that they engaged in sex in order to transcend the mortal realm and worship a deity.

The Devadasi

This is a Hindu prostitute, forced into it from the moment she hit puberty, as a way of service and sacrifice to the fertility goddess Yellamma. The virginity of the young girl was sold to the highest bidder by the parents, after which their lives are forsaken in honor of the goddess, and they remain as prostitutes without choice. After they reach the age of 50, they are usually kicked out as they are no longer attractive enough. They usually resort to begging for scraps until they die.

Prostitution is a sad profession in some parts of the world, and in some parts of time. In others, it is respected, loved and even worshipped. There are many different kinds of prostitutes, and no person should make the mistake of trying to generalize them.