Amsterdam: A Land Like No Other

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Amsterdam is a city in Holland that is one of the most famous (or infamous) in the world. People are at the very least curious about how it works. Prostitution is completely legal, as is soliciting. The Red Light District, as it is fondly called, is a hub of women practicing the sex trade out in the open. The police are simply following the law by ignoring them. This is a very unique city indeed, and you probably won’t find another like it, as prostitution is completely illegal in most other parts of the world. 

How it works

The red light district opens its doors at about noon every day. Girls work either from home or in brothels and stand at the tall glass windows, scantily clad. It is the ultimate form of window shopping for passers-by. As men (and women) walk past, they can appraise the girls standing behind the windows. If they like what they see, all they need to do is knock at the door and wait for her to open it up. A small negotiation is carried out about time and price, after which a curtain is drawn and the game begins.

Safety is a priority

Unlike similar locations around the world, the Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of the most relaxed out there. There are hundreds of people on the streets. Not all of them are looking for Melbourne brothels either. Some of them are simply there to take in the sights and sounds of one of the most beautiful countries in the world (and to enjoy the legal, dirt-cheap marijuana). Of course, there are dealers like any other country. They aren’t nearly as violent though. All you will hear is a whispered offer of cocaine which will not be repeated if ignored.

No pictures please!

You must keep in mind that most of the girls doing this aren’t in it for personal pleasure, but for the money. Prostitution is still one of the most taboo professions in the world. This means that a lot of the girls haven’t told their families about what it is they do. Taking pictures could result in them being recognized and shamed, even being turned into outcasts. Respect their privacy and refrain from taking any pictures of the girls. Don’t be surprised if they smash your camera if you do!

Amsterdam is definitely a city worth visiting, even if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the unique pleasures it has to offer. It is beautiful in its own right, especially the atmosphere of the RLD and the surroundings.